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10 Ways to Leverage the Power of the Leadership Connection

By Brad Currie posted 03-24-2019 11:04

  1. Commit to using the Leadership Connection as a way to connect, learn, share, or reflect for a period of time at least once a week. 
  2. Ensure that your fellow administrator colleagues make it part of their professional growth routine. 
  3. Create a community on a topic that you are passionate about and post helpful ideas or resources for others utilize. 
  4. Seek out communities that could possibly assist your efforts in learning more about an initiative or program. 
  5. Write or access blog posts that highlight experiences that you are going through as an administrator. 
  6. Stay current with and register for NJPSA/FEA events within this interactive online platform. 
  7. Post media-based resources like videos and podcasts that will inspire and inform other administrators. 
  8. Search for and connect with other NJPSA/FEA members within the Directory. 
  9. Access content in an easy fashion using the browse and search features. 
  10. Inquire, inspire, and motivate using the Participate and Community messaging feature.