NJ Leaders to Leaders Share Their Expertise!

By James Sarto posted 03-28-2019 20:40


What an impressive and outstanding group of new educational leaders! Our strength is in our Mentor & Resident sharing, pairing, and networking for the future of our students.




07-17-2019 13:32

Valuable information - very relevant
Lots of info in a short time

07-17-2019 13:32

Great 2 Days

07-17-2019 13:31

Great resources and information! Thank you.


07-17-2019 13:28

This was a great experience in learning the mentor portion of the L2L program.

07-17-2019 13:28

I enjoyed listening to all the different responses for the case study examples over the last two days.

07-17-2019 13:26

During the two-day NJ-L2L Mentor Training, I learned about new educational laws.

07-17-2019 13:26

This was a GREAT two days! I know that we are here to gain more knowledge on how to help our potential mentees; however, admittedly I am learning so much which can help me with my work as well. Great work, Mr. Sarto!

07-17-2019 13:25

Valuable information on facilitating effective, case study-based peer groups.

07-17-2019 13:23

The presentation gave me a lot more insight on some of  legal  issues in our schools today

07-17-2019 13:23


There are no concrete answers to your scenarios.  That is the beauty of them and where the learning happens.

07-17-2019 13:23

It is wise to keep up to date with changes in laws and share these with residents as part of the peer group discussions.

07-17-2019 13:22

Remember...the tracking number is on the provisional certificate!

07-17-2019 13:22

Simulations site will be invaluable

07-17-2019 13:22

Thanks for presenting interesting case studies.

07-17-2019 13:22

I have learned so much today and plan to use some of the case studies with my admin team!

07-17-2019 13:22

Great information in a fun learning environment.

04-23-2019 09:00

NJL2L Mentors & Residents - Just a Reminder.... When in Doubt... 5 minutes on the phone with a NJPSA Lawyer rather than 6 months in court.

04-08-2019 12:23

NJLA Series-5, Cohort 7, Session 3 finishing today in Egg Harbor.
This is the first group to receive their certificates on-line!!!!
Thank you NJPSA Tech Team!!!!

04-05-2019 13:01

This is a wonderful platform! Great work!

04-03-2019 08:01

Just A Reminder....

The New Memorandum of Agreement was released January 8, 2019. Read it, review it, discuss it at your Peer Group meetings. This is mandatory between law enforcement and the school district.

03-29-2019 09:13

Great to be a mentor and be invited to great events like this one.  I am very excited to be here at today's Legislative Conference.

03-29-2019 09:11

Great to see so many NJL2L mentors at today's Legislative Conference!