New NJL2L Mentor Training Registration!

By James Sarto posted 05-09-2019 16:28


NJL2L New Mentor Training Registration is open. If you have been a

building principal for 5 or more years, go to to register online.




07-22-2019 13:59

The technology workshop was very informative.

07-22-2019 13:53

Just trying this out
look forward to more tech training

07-17-2019 13:28

This is Joel. As I am unable to login.

Thank you for sharing all the case studies. Looking forward to the Legal One workshop.

-Joel C.

07-17-2019 13:25

I enjoyed listening to all the different responses for the case study examples over the last two days.

07-17-2019 13:25

Enjoying the lively training!  Very informative.

07-17-2019 13:25

I'll see you at the Principal/Vice Principal Survival Guide workshop in October (as long as there is seating space available)!

07-17-2019 13:24

What an informative two days!  I look forward to exchanging ideas with our new administrators.  Maryann Connelly

07-17-2019 13:24

The L2L Mentor training was great!  I appreciated the reminders, the new information and above all the smiles that come from humor!  If we give that up, what is left!  Thanks for a great two days Jim!

07-17-2019 13:23

Great two days, Jim.  Thanks.

07-17-2019 13:23

I can't seem to find the Principal/Vice-Principal Survival workshop.  Can you please help me find it?

07-17-2019 13:23

Very informative and clear expectations for Mentors and Residents.  The case studies to be used for peer meetings provided me with further insight on the role of the Administrator in and out of the classroom.

07-17-2019 13:23

Enjoyed the two day training in July

07-17-2019 13:23

This was a very valuable and informative training.  Especially enjoyed the case studies and discussions!

07-17-2019 13:22

I am in the training now.  Trying this blog section.

06-07-2019 13:02

Mentors!.... Register today for the 
New Mentor Computer 101 Training
Monday, July 22nd 9:00-3:00 pm
NJPSA/FEA Facility

05-02-2019 12:27

Looking Forward To Mentor Recertification Training Tomorrow In Ocean City!

04-30-2019 21:36

Great Mentor Recertification Training Session Today. Our New Administrators Are In Great Hands!