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When:  Jan 31, 2022
*The Mindful Organizing of Collective Efficacy: Behaviors and Conditions that Build Team Agency and Efficacy May 17, 2022; 9 am - 12 pm (ONLINE) Presenter: Brusce Preston, FEA Consultant Fee: $75 Members/ $100 Non-Members Teams can do amazing things - far better than the sum of the individuals! But how do teams organize themselves to do those amazing things? Furthermore, what can be done to build a team's sense of confidence, commitment, and motivation to take on the work that leads to amazing things? This session applies relevant research and a wide array of experiences into practical take-home strategies that answer these questions. Participants will experience the five mindful organizing behaviors that improve team agency. They will also learn how to shape and invigorate the conditions that improve collective efficacy. This workshop is applicable to anyone that wants to influence, improve, or just better understand how teams can organ