*Supporting Students Coping W/ Loss Trauma & Mental Illness

When:  Feb 1, 2023

Supporting Students Coping with Loss, Trauma and Mental Illness (PSEL Standards 5, 6 amd 8)

Feb 1, 2023; 9 am - 12 pm (ONLINE)

Presenter: Connie Palmer, LCSW, Training Director, Imagine: A Center for Coping with Loss

Fee: $75Members/ $100 Non-Members

This virtual workshop explores the intersectionality of trauma, grief and mental health. It provides hands-on strategies and resources that can immediately be put to use. Those who attend will learn to: define loss, grief, complicated grief, mourning, trauma, depression, anxiety; identify the co-occurrence of trauma and grief and the need to become trauma and grief informed; understand the relationship between grief and anxiety; distinguish the differences and similarities between grief and depression; know what to say and do after a loss;develop healthy beliefs about grief, trauma and mental illness.