LEGAL ONE Mental Health-Substance Use Connection, PathFwdMH3

When:  Jul 27, 2021
Understanding and Addressing the Mental Health and Substance Use Connection, The Path Forward on Student Mental Health Series: Day 3 of 3

7/27/21; 9am-12pm; Live Online (See conf. email for access link)

Fee: $60 Members/$75 Non-Members
or part of the Mental Health discounted bundle

As levels of anxiety and depression and other mental health needs have soared during the pandemic, many students have begun or increased their substance use as a coping mechanism. The recent legalization of marijuana will have a major impact in terms of student access and the dangerous public messaging that may lead students to have a false sense that marijuana use is a safe choice. This session will review the protocols that should be in place to address the overlapping needs of students struggling w/ mental health and substance use issues, and review the roles of all key players in that process.