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    Hi all! We are having discussions in our district about revamping our elementary master schedule and I would appreciate any feedback you might be able to provide.  Currently we have a block schedule, but the times are all over the place. ELA is 90 minutes ...

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    Read Brad Currie's 10 Ways to Leverage the Power of the Leadership Connection https://njpsalc.njpsa.org/blogs/brad-currie/2019/03/24/10-ways-to-leverage-the-power-of-the-leadership-co ------------------------------ Robert Burek Director of Information ...

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    Thank you so much. I have a media specialist to sign off. I just need to come up with the plan. This helps!! ------------------------------ Ralph Aiello Cumberland Regional High School Bridgeton NJ ------------------------------

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    Good Afternoon Ralph, So sorry that you have been forced to cut your media specialist. I was a media specialist before just recently becoming an administrator. Does your district have a certified media specialist on board? If so I believe they can certify ...

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    We are so glad it was such a successful and well-attended meeting. Thank you for posting the question on the Leadership Connection and getting the ball rolling. This is exactly what this new membership benefit is intended to create -- opportunities for ...

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